Sunrises vs. Sunsets: A word on the matter

I always find people’s answers to “Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?” very interesting and a bit telling.

I’ve always answered confidently in support of sunrises.

The two share a lot, with similar coloring and appearance. One is a start to the day, one is an end. I think most people say they prefer sunsets because generally, that’s what people see more of. I certainly have seen more sunsets than sunrises, but I don’t think a sunset can compete with a good dawn rising.

Sunrises mean opportunity, in which a new day means endless possibilities. This sentiment is especially powerful while traveling- what will today bring? What new place will I be in when the sun goes down tonight? Sunrises are full of promise and wonder. Sunsets, while lovely, have no hope in their rays. Theirs is an end, a closing, a finale. Maybe it is an end to a glorious day, bringing a long awaited rest, but it is an end none the less.

I’ve always invested a bit too much in “possibilities”. It’s what makes me so indecisive and unsure – I always want all options at my fingertips, and cringe to close any doors. That’s most likely why I love sunrises, and probably romanticize them far too much. After all, what can possibly bring more opportunities and possibilities than those pink lights of dawn? What has more hope? Options are infinite with each new day, and I revel in that freedom and promise.

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