Vaccinations and Prepping For Barcelona!

I’ve traveled quite a bit in the past, and for some reason I’ve never thought to get vaccinated.

My mom has always been way too laid back about health stuff and visiting doctors, so growing up I never felt that urgency to be checking in with doctors often.

Well just this week I thought – hey, maybe I should see if I need any vaccinations for Brazil? Of course as soon as I looked I started to get freaked out. I rushed myself to a nearby passport clinic and got shot up with yellow fever vaccine (which is in very limited quantities right now – I even met someone in the waiting room who came from Connecticut to get his because there were none in Connecticut)!

I also got typhoid and hepatitis A.

Pretty crazy I swam in the dirtiest water I’ve ever seen in Vietnam at Ha Long Bay, and ate tons of Vietnamese street food, but never got sick haha. I was probably pretty lucky.

Next, it’s time to pack for Nomad Cruise!

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