Wednesday: Visiting a Korean High School

On Wednesday I went to Jaclyn’s school with her!

We started the morning with chapel, where a sea of students sang unintelligible Christina hymns in Korean (Jaclyn’s high school is a Christian school). One university was visiting and promoting their school. They had a special dance presentation – everything is a performance in Korea!

jaclyn korea school

I didn’t get a good shot of it, but the last song ended with the girls putting on bunny ears and rapping… about Jesus. Haha, I love Korea!

didn't get a good shot of the bunny rappers sadly

didn’t get a good shot of the bunny rappers sadly

After chapel, Jaclyn and I ordered delivery to the school. It’s pretty awesome how they do delivery here – they bring you a whole cooler set of dishes and cookware that you use. Then you pack it all back up and they pick up the dishes later on. Crazy right?

korean take out

Jaclyn, Jaclyn’s friend Katie, and I, shared Samgyetang and Manduguk. Samgyetang was a soup with an ENTIRE CHICKEN in it – nom!



The other, Manduguk, contained little dumpling-like balls and tasty rice cake noodles. It was an awesome lunch!



Afterwards Jaclyn’s fellow teacher Katie drove us all to Starbucks. Coffee seems to be the only thing that is more expensive here than back home. Even just a regular coffee is $5! The good news – the lattes and fancier drinks aren’t much more.

I headed over to a nearby area to do some shopping and ended up spending 2 hours in the most amazing store called “Art Box,” where they had all manner of ADORABLE things at crazy good prices. Such cute stuff!

apparently Elsa sells makeup

apparently Elsa sells makeup

I headed back home, and together we went to go to Jaclyn’s English speaking Meetup group! It was really fun – they are a group that meets weekly in a nearby coffee store to practice (or just speak) English. There were Americans, Koreans, and others. There Jaclyn and I had a great drink that is pretty common here – it’s hot juice, and it is amazing. This one was a kind of orange juice with slices of orange in it. Seriously amazing idea for a winter drink, we need to adopt that idea in the US.

Afterwards we headed to a bar with some of the others from the Meetup group, where I ONCE AGAIN kicked butt at darts. Jaclyn and I also won a game of pool which was pretty impressive I think 😉

Korean Tent Restaurants: Fine Street Food

We ended the night grabbing a bite from the restaurant tents that are set up along the streets at night. Usually there are many of these tent restaurants near train stations. I was very excited to experience tent restaurants, since I’m a pretty big advocate of street food!



We had a ton of fun, enjoying our meal and drinking Korean soju. What a wonderful night! Tent eating is the best!


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