Monday: Myeong-Dong & Korean Street Food

Note: I’m pretty behind on my posts, trying to catch up!

Monday Jaclyn’s friend Young (phonetic spelling of course) was kind enough to take me into Seoul.

We hopped around and explored city hall, Korean markets (where I bought a gazillion socks), and dined on some delicious street food in Myeong-Dong. My favorite was a fried egg on a piece of sweet bread – super tasty!

seoul street markets

street market action


seoul street food

street food baby

Next we visited the Dongdaemun Market, a massive (if somewhat eye-sorish) structure full of shops, art galleries, and a field of light flowers! It was selfie central for photo-loving Koreans (OK, I’m not entirely free of guilt either).

light flowers in seoul

light flowers seoul

Next we headed back to Ansan, where we met up with Jaclyn and I had some lamb BBQ, followed by a drink at a favorite local international hangout. It was a great day again!



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